EAC (yet again an other post about it)

EAC was a problem since day 1 for me, never got it worked, searched google for countless hours, read some post, try everything possible, check the registry, the permission and now I had hope with the new EasyAntiCheat wiazard until this…

Never was able to play the experimental and does not seem to be close for the final version.

I’m using Window 8.1 and I am the only one using this computer, only 1 account on it which is mine and I am administrator of course.

I would try and run it as Admin it looks like you don’t have write access to the system directory, if that doesn’t work then check if C:\windows\system32\EasyAnitCheat.exe exists if it does change the permissions and it should be able to override it.

Is the EAC Service already running (another game started, game launched and hanging), which would prevent copying the file when its already in use? If you restart Windows and launch EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe from rust\easyanticheat\ directly without starting the game, does it then succeed?

I tried all of the above, even change the permission to all for the file I don’t use EAC any where else and it never got on (task manager show nothing from it). This is really frustrating since day 1, no offence to EAC staff but I’m seriously boiling inside.

EDIT: imma try to reinstall the full game from scratch and give you news about it. Hope I don’t have to repeat that process if it work, not everyone got high end connection.

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Reinstalling the game failed. this is pointless. nothing work.

Do you have any security software running? And what OS are you running?