How does EAC work? Do you get banned for injecting or having the programs? Does it ban you for having hacks for any game? Not a hacker, just need clarification.

It’s an anti-cheat that protects Rust, it does what anti-cheat does. Don’t run hacks that modify Rust if you don’t want to get caught.

Ok so if I don’t inject anything im good? Is it better than vac because I got vacced yesterday and wasted 1000 hours, that’s the reason I posted this, wanted to make sure im not wasting 20 bucks

Go away, cheater.

It is fully injected in the Rust. So, your every action will be under control. Do not even think то use cheats! :wink:

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Go away, cheater.
you are all obviously mentally incapacitated I clearly stated that was not a hacker and just wanted clarification

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Well I admit to thinking about cheating I think we all have, that moment when 24 hours of work is blown by hackers but I never acted upon it, so unless vac bans for negative thinking I don’t think I did anything wrong, but thanks! I love the game and wanted to make sure I won’t be banned again for nothing, I love the community here

EAC must too if that is what this program is called.

If you weren’t cheating then VAC wouldn’t have banned you. I hope EAC catches you in the act, too.

Let’s not argue about your VAC ban, because after months of hearing liars whine and beg for their bans to be reversed (when nobody here can even do anything about it) with the same six or seven stories of how VAC thought they were cheating but either they weren’t or it’s someone else’s fault, every last speck of patience for it has been used up around here. We have heard it all before.

The best thing, ChaoticTearss, would be to stop talking about your VAC ban in this thread. Steam Support is the only team other than the VAC team itself that can address VAC bans; however, as you may know, they will also not reveal the cheats detected nor the time of detection. This is to make it more difficult for cheat makers to know when their cheats have been detected.

Yes, EAC is better than VAC. EAC would have caught your cheating *** long before 1000 hours.

Well I don’t honestly care what these people say… I honestly don’t hack amd I wanted assurance I won’t get wrongly banned

I hope that the guys from the EAC made ​​progress. Because in my youth when I loved to play in CSS, EAC is not very well performed his task. Private cheats doing its work.

It’s good that you don’t care because you’re a cheater and we really don’t like cheaters around here.

Now GTFO, cheater.

For anyone who is curious, I found his Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122152641

I banned him from my server for aimbotting. Its good to see I made the correct call XD.

Of you would make a good detective Colombo.

Played Rust for 310 Hours now. Never ever used a hack on my steam acc, and i’m not banned.

All I have to say.

Guys listen, this wasn’t supposed to be a sob story, just clarification eac will only perma ban hacker

that is all any anti cheat system does BAN CHEATS. so yes you have your answer and you know this through experience. now learn from it :slight_smile:

bar the very odd occasion where there has been a false positive and that affected a lot of users at once so there is an outcry, not just the odd one or two.

Did you figure they would give you the step process?
(Warning, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, perma)

You made it evident in your previous posts you were vac banned. And judging by the way you are handling, it was correct in it’s matters. An innocent individual would be in continuous contact with it to get their 1000 hour account re-established, yet you come from the other direction and say you are just going to buy it again.

Doesn’t take Siever’s investigation skills to figure this one out, you had a program active during your play and you were caught.

But, I shall actually do something I never do and give you luck on your next adventure with a fresh key for Rust. Hopefully this time in your 1000 hour play you keep the bolt for your head down tight and play it straight.

Edit: And as far as a sob story goes, its the reaction anyone who uses programs to abuse a game that others are attempting to enjoy themselves on. Its pathetic.

I do understand this but, the reason I posted this was to make sure, if I rebuy my favorite game and I do not hack, I will not be banned.