EAC's response

In response to this video regarding this type of cheat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YWjHUjce5M

What response would have you liked?

Exactly what they said. Did I use a negative tone in my OP? I’m introverted so maybe I didn’t express my feelings enough. I’ll try again.

“Good news everyone! EAC has gotten back to me regarding a video I made for them! I’m SO HAPPY they took the time to respond to me and send the video to their development team.”

My OP was supposed to give hope to others by showing this stuff is being handled.

I thought it was positive. We also had a run in with that guy, along with a couole others that were no-clipping and seemed to have aimbots. Wish I had proof for EAC too.

glad for the clarification, lots of people post stuff like this in quite a negative sense, and it was a bit hard to make out the feeling behind your op:)

Can you tell us where the exploit is so we don’t have to sit through an 11-minute video for 30 seconds of payoff?

Nearly every time I die. But most notably at the 2 minute mark. Watch for about 30 seconds from there.

I’m pretty sure this is not an example of exploit, but rather outright 3rd-party hackware. The term exploit, to my understanding, is reserved for instances of abuse of an unintended, in-game method/mechanic (see sleeping-bag+rock exploit). EAC and/or VAC do not monitor for use of exploits, nor should they. Exploits should be identified to Facepunch for consideration as “bugs”.

A lot of the guys we have normally seen have been EAC banned for using third party software and that’s why we haven’t seen them for a week or two. Unfortunately, I am not sure what good video is in actually getting hackers banned. I record everything and I have tons of video hackers jumping, no clipping, and aim-botting but a name is really nothing in Rust. Anyone can take any name and any profile picture to use.

when he kills u see his nickname in console and then find his steam profile by pressing shift+tab - view players

I’ve noticed a number of hackers don’t show when you try to view current players. Is there a privacy setting for this?

Sometimes I have to refresh the server list for steam to update the current players on the server. I’m not sure if they can completely hide the profile though.

Even though it would be nice I doubt they would ban just one person based on video evidence, but maybe it would help them in finding a way to detect the hack if they can see it in action.

Yeah. The intent of this video was not to get this player banned, but rather give them an idea how it looks in game. My assumption is that they don’t play rust, so from that perspective it can only help.

I guess it takes less effort for you to befriend these people instead of putting it on YouTube and sending it to EAC, right insub? No idea how you fool others…

I know I’m the type that will not stand by and let others ruin it for everyone else. They paid to watch the movie too, so either shut the fuck up, sit down or exit the theater.

Think people were having problems with this guy under his new name of “GREATEST AMERICAN EVER JOHN CENA” this evening on London1.

When I see shit like this it make me sick to my stomach.
Its like Rust (MMO) becomes my alarm clock to futility.
What a senseless waste of everybody’s time this MMO thing.
Next thing we will hear they are hacking the White House.

I don’t get on the forums to troll people and continue the in game fight. I also think there is nothing wrong with posting videos of people cheating- the risk they run is getting banned and I hope that its enough to seriously curb the hacking. I really want them to stop too. I would agree with you there may be some benefit of uploading someone doing something really unusual like real flying (not just super jumping) or full no clipping through the map and bases. If your point was to show others, not really get them banned, then I totally get it- I’ve done the same thing. I’ll keep this positive and point out something no one else has really mentioned here- the price of Rust on G2A has gone up to 16-17 from 7. That perfectly coincided with the EAC bans about 2 weeks ago.

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Someone mentioned something about going offline during steam in out TS as a potential way to appear offline but I didn’t really have a reason to try it out or know why you would do this anyways (unless you were hacking or just being weird about other people seeing you online).