Eagle and Fox 1: bad day as Sniper


its my first 1, plz tell what you think, about it =D

CLICK at the image, when you go to next page, just click again, to get it big =D

i think it sucks


knock knock
who’s there???
kasperhimself who??
go get your father’s gun from the safe in his closet, make sure it’s loaded, put the barrel in your mouth, and pull the trigger

  1. Turn on AA
  2. Set jpeg_quality to 100
  3. Use GIMP or Photoshop to make speech bubbles.
  4. Joke was funny at first, but it would’ve been funnier if he shot the joker (Dude that is telling the joke, not the Joker) instead of himself.

it was okay for a first, not really funny though. But when someone is laughing hysterically, their face isn’t like this :colbert:
so try to practice some face posing, and you should add borders for each panel also.

so for a first i give it a 6/10

Let me show you my expression


It was okay for your first, you did at least try to edit. Listen to F T.