Eagle One Dev

Hey everyone! :grin:

I recently tried to make some people aware of us by showing around our newly created portfolio around the discord. But I haven’t talked about who we are. Simply: we are a team of many people who dedicated themselves to create content on the source 2 engine.

Our at the time project is Goldeneye: Runway, a story port of the movie Goldeneye from 1995 as a playable story in HL:A. We are creating unique maps with puzzles, newly AI and animation and more for that!

But we want to expand into s&box, create more content there and to be able to finish our current project and be able to make new and unique content for s&box in the future, we need help and like to have more people on board. Specifically we are searching for Modelling designers and Artists.

Our team consists of some 2D Artists, Animators, Choreographer, Environment Artists, Level Designer, Material Artists, Modelling designers, Musicians, Particle Artists, Programmer, Sound Designer, Source Filmmaker, Video Editors, Voice actors and writers.

Tho, enough talking and better showing some stuff, so everyone can make an image about our work and quality we go for.

Until then, thanks for reading and see ya on the forums or discords!
Eagle One Dev team out.

More Images at “Eagle One - Portfolio” | Join our discord “here


Really a great team, can’t wait to see your future creations :grinning:


Hey, just letting everyone know, we are eager to get more people on board :grin:


This was an amazing project to work on, can’t wait to ship this in the near future!

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Those screenshots look epic, gg :slight_smile:

For more official Eagle One Dev info, should I check this post or the second one by Chimona as time goes?

The second one.


It’s ridiculous how great your guys’ maps look. Great use of ortho lighting in the vents in the first screenshot, great asset use, placement, lighting and detail in the second and a great example of complementary lighting in the third.

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Thank you. Keep in mind we have a second post with way more images or take a look at the port folio that we constantly update with new content of our porject/projects

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