'Eagles on the Attack" Two P-51's dive in on an Me262

Tried to do tracers but they failed and looked cartoony. Anywho, enjoy. Probably the last of this set I will do, had a good time using these models.


I like it. The DoF looks pretty good!


I was bored, and since it’s my birthday, I like committing random acts of kindness.

Dear lord, thanks. Haha looks awesome.

Nice pictures and happy birthday Vman!

too bad they can’t catch up to ittttt

SpitIX and P51 (forget the variant) could infact keep up in a dive.

You really like aviation don’t you?

Not bad. Really odd camera angle though. I imagined this from above and behind P51s booming and zooming the Me262.

Ya I wanted it as if the 262 was zooming passed and now your looking at the P51s about to open fire.


I love it.

Damn, are the 262 pilots aware of the Mustangs? Seeing how the 262 is a jet fighter the P-51’s would be hard pressed to catch up to them. I don’t know what my point is…I can’t explain it. anyways I love aviation and WWII so this is a double win. Awesome.

Key phrase though is “in a dive the 51’s could catch up” well the rest of the time they would fail and end up being shot down by the ME-262.

P-51’s would keep up in a dive and generally outrun a 262 in the first 700kph of the dive if they set economy power and max RPM, however, the P-51 beat the 262 in all forms of flat fighting like scissors simply because the 262 was a terrible turner and it’s roll rate was horrible. Though the two 30mm’s in the nose hurt like hell compared too 6 .50’s The P-51’s and Spitfire IX’s did a damn good job keeping in tow with the 262.

At first glance I thought it was a 109 because of the control cable, but then looking at the tail shape I can see its a 262.