Earl attempting to sneak past a NWG patrol. -CID


That’s what I call just hangin around.

Nice pic there.

The posing on the soldiers is horrible, and the gun looks on the “aiming” soldier looks like its clipping through his arm.

Really cool scene you’ve made though.

Elaborate what you mean with “horrible”, and I don’t see any clipping, al thought I might be blind cause im kind of tired.
Thanks though.

That you took your time making that cool scene and then you just 5-second-posed those soldiers.

“5-second-posed soldiers.” Oh look they look kind of stiff on some of their legs,and one guy is just pointing and I can’t possible imagine that some of them might be casual walking, shieeeeeeet it must mean he just used 5 secs on them, I call diz constructive critism."

the camera angle leaves far too much wasted space

Don’t get butthurt, if you can’t answer with anything smarter you’re just proving you don’t wan’t to improve and instead just make lousy stuff like this.

there is no clipping, they look decent enough, and most of the time you can get away with some minor shoddy details if they’re far away, maybe you should take your time to analyze the picture a bit more

the only slightly skew wiff detail is the front left soldier seems to be crouching at an odd angle offset arms, the rest is fine

It’s good to see Earl Again. Nice pose man.

You are telling me that I can’t answer with anything smarter? When I even asked you to elaborate with what you meant by “horrible” and your best answer is 5-second-posed soldiers?

Thanks man, have to say it’s really fun to pose again.

Is that a scenebuild or an actual map?

It’s the map part from episode 1 where the antlion guardian (or whatever) attacks the combine apc.

Then I just added a shitload of grass.


Earls a hot and bothered astronaut crashing while
Jacking off to buffering vids of Asher Roth eating apple sauce

I disagree, i don’t think it’s horrible but i don’t think it’s good. It’s decent to me.

The first guy from the left looks all serious like he ordering a whole army to advance, the second guy has an inexcusable stance(did you copy the pose from a picture or a movie?) his legs are too far out to actually prevent him from falling, the third guy looks like he is in a parade and the last one looks appropriate for the pose. Earl looks fine too, the prop positioning is perfect and the atmosphere kicks ass.

The “ordering” guy is pretty much telling them to watch their sectors. The “second” guy isn’t actually walking as retarded as he looks, but now that I review it some hours after I made it, I notice that the grass conseals the lower part of his legs, but if you look a little closer you can see his torso and midlever whatever its called is bent. There’s some story to the entire CID thing, but I guess to some people it wouldn’t make much sense to say that most of the soldiers lack training and walk retardedly, I fully understand your point. My excuse would be that I made him walk like that because in my head I knew the entire story. Thanks for the good critisim(im tired and probably cant spell) and if I was totally off on what you meant my bad.

Also Zerax, on my own part I like the camera angle, it was basically either too much space at the bottom, or too much space at the top and I prefer the bottom. I wanted the whole scene in on the picture. But I get your point, there’s not so much fun looking at a shitload of grass. So the next time I want my stupid empty spaces I’ll find some minor props to place there.

Thanks of all the nice comments and constructive crits.

Also Rankxerox, sorry for tracking off a bit and assaulting you. I was tired, but I never denied your point, I was just getting pissy easily and you didn’t really elaborate much.

huh, no picture