Earl preparing to finish off some NWG's dumping chemical bombing victims. -CID Series


Didn’t really feel to happy about this one, but Bloo seemed to like it so I posted it anyways.




Love the 1st one, bonus is nice.

Awesome posing and scene-building there, Rick!

Work more on foliage placing. <3

I like it.

I dunno what it is about your pictures but they completely lack depth. The posing, prop-placement, camera angles and subject matter are usually all great but everything kinda blends in to everything else and it’s hard to discern what you wanted the focus of the picture to be.

This is the problem with using absolutely no post-processing what-so-ever. In painting, drawing and photography, you make the viewer focus on what you want them to focus on by using differences in contrast, colour and detail to draw their eye to certain areas.

This is why in editing it’s good to use depth-of-field (removes detail in what you don’t want the viewer to focus on), desaturation (removes colour in what you don’t want the viewer to focus on) and value differences (lowering the contrast can remove the focus on a particular area, increasing it does the opposite).

In your second picture you have some of these elements: the character model is, by chance, higher contrast than everything around it; and you have depth-of-field. In the first picture, however, you’ve got an image with no depth of field, all the same saturation and colour throughout and it’s almost entirely midtones (no shadows and no highlights). Everything appears of equal importance to the eye so it’s like “shit… what am I supposed to look at here?”.

I’m not saying you should spend absolutely hours editing photos but if you just use some in-game post-processing to get depth-of-field (works way better than editing it in anyway) and just quickly isolate the background and foreground and mess with some different sliders (saturation, colour balances, contrast etc) then you’ll have pictures that make a far bigger impact on the viewer. There are other ways to get effects like this by using lines n shit but that stuff is more complicated and requires a pretty good knowledge of composition, more than I possess.

Experiment! Go fo it bro, ya dig?

Wow, thanks Chesty. My problem so far with the post-processing is that people tend to complain to much sdof or too little, recently no one has so I just sticked with the same shit over and over again, but thanks for lighting me up man.


SDOF won’t just make the images sparkle, it requires great color mod and lamp done nicely and tweaked to perfection.
You can also add a touch of fog/smoke/fire/debris/foliage/items/ect… any other details that
won’t make it a dull image. ( aspect of your first image)

Now, the theme you have set could be done better with just a touch of editing done to the background.
Which means you can’t do anything about that unless you are really open minded; so you have to either
change the map theme or do some Leonardo Da’ Vinci shit. Your selection of foliage is a great choice but it
looks rather badly placed (grass has a pasted on perspective) and the bushes should have a bigger variety
of colors and such.

The image almost looks clustered together by the randomly placed props. You should wiggle them around a
little bit more. Have some scenery somewhere in it.

And mess with some lamps.

Tips from Bubz!

  1. For variety of different color bushes/grass, use the lamp tool by placing lamps that face only the bushes with a color that looks realistic.
  2. For foliage, type in foliage and get the best god damn foliage you can find or download off of gmod.org (l4d2 foliage rocks)
  • I fucking hate facepunch writing format.

I can try to edit the first one for you, will probably suck but worth a try!

You know how I tell people not to touch Photoshop until they’re competent posers?

Your posing has improved a lot recently and is actually better than mine now. Go hog wild.

Thanks for the tips Bubz. Really helpfull.

Hellfire if you really want to edit it go ahead :v:

Thanks rossmum, it means a lot hearing that from you. But there’s no way my posing is better than yours.
And I’m gonna try out some photoshop turtorials now. Cheers everyone.

CID = Criminal Investigation Division?

I’m sorry but half of this is either really vague or is barely intelligible. I mean, I agree with some of what you say like that the picture is somewhat clustered and using lamps to change the colour of individual foliage props sounds good but

da heck does that mean, and

I shouldn’t really be critiquing critiques… or should I? Maybe it’s good practice.

No, you definitely should.

I like the posin’ bud, Great job:D

Coloring tool is also very helpful. People don’t give a shit about it but you can make a scenery look dark on a sunny map. I often use it.