Early 2000s US military + Arma 2 Humvees + Arma 2 scenebuild models

Early 2000s US military
These are US infantry (army/marines/whatever), wearing mostly uniforms and gear based on what was used during the first few years of the war in Afghanistan and the Iraq invasion. There are 3 types of models - wearing a regular uniform, wearing a level 1 MOPP suit and wearing a level 3/4 MOPP suit. Each of those come in desert and woodland camo variants (though the MOPP suits are woodland camo in all of the, since that’s what was used in Iraq and Afghanistan too) and each come with the Arma 3 and BF3 heads. And again, the chin part of all their helmet straps is rigged to a bone so it can be moved around using a joint tool to make it fit with any kind of faceposing.




Arma 2 Humvees
These are 4 Humvee models ported from Arma 2. Each comes with different mounted guns - one with a M2 HMG, one with a MK19 grenade launcher, one with a TOW Anti-tank missile and one unarmed. Each have skins for both desert and woodland environments, bodygroups to remove each window and a bodygroup to make the wheels look like they’re moving. All of them are rigged and have posing-friendly collision models.



Arma 2 scenebuild models
These are a few models also ported from Arma 2 intended for scenebuilding purposes. Included are few road models with a bunch of different skins, a few different sizes and different angles, a few desert foliage types, a few middle-eastern looking buildings and a highway road barrier.



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I don’t think the maker of that mod is going to be too happy :wink:

What mod?

1980’s US Army or something like that… I was just being sarcy, I’ve seen lots of ports from other games apppearing in ARMA mods, so what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, these look good so good effort sir.

What does that mod have to do with anything? No part of this is taken from that mod. That mod doesn’t even have this kind of stuff.

I could fucking kiss you, Simkas! No homo.

Fantastic stuff Simkas.

Amazing as always.

Amazing Simkas

Seriously, content wise and just overall quality of your work makes you the best releaser on here.

Love your stuff, fantastic work. Keep on producing quality work man!

That’s awesome, great work!

I beg to differ, it has exactly this kind of stuff, but I’ll take your word that none was ported over from it, and I couldn’t care less if you had, I already said they looked good and it was good work!!

Very impressed right there!

Great release as always. simkas!


The roads aren’t in any of the 3 packs, at least for me.

The other stuff is really awesome, good work.

Yup, just realized I forgot to actually include them. Gonna upload the fixed archives in a bit.

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Okay the workshop file is updated with the roads and I replaced the mediafire download with one that has everything now.

Bohemia doesn’t like their content being used in other games, they’ll probably take this down, when they get wind of it.

actually they apparently don’t care anymore

This is everything that I could have wanted. Thank you!