Early Access Solution?

Seeing as how the The road to Dev Preview 3 thread was closed I thought I might create a separate post discussing my solution to the early access problem. As it stands it seems there is no elegant way to divvy out access to the right people so what if instead, we populate the wiki so developers can work on something despite not having access to the game?

It might be a little work to set up the wiki but at least it satisfies most people that are begging for keys. As it stands the team I’m working with is just waiting for a way to get access and we had lots of really good ideas that we can’t start because of the wait.

Here’s some shameless promotion for ya CFC Servers · GitHub :partying_face:

EDIT (Post close): Let me make my intentions clear, I was merely trying to suggest a way that I didn’t see in the Road to dev preview in an attempt to be helpful to the facepunch devs. I apologize if I missed where someone else might have suggested the same thing but you gotta level with me… There are 300 replies on that thread, I’m bound to miss one. Also, I wasn’t asking for anything, only suggesting so I don’t see how my self-promotion is scummy in any way… :confused:

Garry and co have gone out of their way previously to tell people that they shouldn’t be trying to write code while they don’t have access to the game.

I don’t think your suggestion would help with that.


Entirely disregarding the thread conclusion and shameless self-promotion?
You are adding to the problem.

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