Early Pre-Alpha "Badge"?

Would be cool maybe in the future,if we can have a pre alpha player badge etc
Specially for us who plays during the browser version ?

What for?

Steam badges I guess.

How about no? Why would Rust get a third badge that other games don’t get? (Normal badge for crafting a regular set, foil badge for a foil set.)

How is Steam supposed to know about what happened in the shitty webplayer version on playrust.com? And does it count if you were one of the 9,000 fools whose account got nuked for inactivity? (If not, brace for lots of whining.)

Your reward for playing early was… playing early. And, if you got in with a free key before the auctions started, and you kept it alive so it didn’t get deleted for inactivity, you got Rust for free. There’s your reward.

I mean, maybe have a Steam achievement for “Play during alpha” (get it by joining a server) and have it be unachievable after the first Beta release, okay, fine. Other games have done that.

I think he means a badge or emblem ingame/on the forum… so people know who was a alpha/beta player and who wasnt. if it was a CAT/CBT i would maybe say so, as it would have some meaning, but this isnt a closed test, not really necessary in my opinion.

No seriously… do you only do what other game have done before ? sooo disapointing… Wake up you ve created a NEW GAME wouhou ! new rules , your rules!

Sounds like a lot of attention whoring.

Your prize is that you got to play it before anyone else. You don’t need special goodies because you’ve been playing longer.

I got my rust account free, so w/e, good enough for me for a badge or something

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I want it for free

Might be the first time I will have to agree with elix… :slight_smile:

all people who registered in june should get the old soldier skin when using kevlar :V
JK, i think our prize was playig Rust back when people bought keys for over 300$l ol

I got in on the ground floor of a game that is apparently going to be big and got it for free when it went on sale. All the recognition I need, anything else would make me a target as despite my actions people would see me as “an elitist asshole”.

It’s good enough that some of us got it for free, no need for a badge. Pre alpha players will recognize eachother ingame and stuff…