Early versions of RP_Chaos_City_v33x

Requesting RP_Chaos_City_v33x as i cant seem to find it anywhere and can’t get in contact with the owners of the community.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Are you confusing this with Evocity?


Does it look like this?

Its a modified evocity that they renamed so i called it that to (hopefully) get rid of the confusion…

I have a slew of old betas of ec2 and ec. but seeing you’re just looking for a modified version, maybe someone from that community would have to come forward with the bsp.


It seems as though all the download links to that map are lost/deleted.
If anyone has it, please upload and share!

The map had a stupid lock on it so you could only play it on their server. Pretty shitty. Also pissed me off being it was based off my work and I couldn’t play it without deleting entities it had with entspy.

It was a logic_auto with a point_servercommand that made it killserver when map started unless you aliased killserver. So if you do find a version somewhere keep in mind you will have to entspy the logic_auto and point_servercommand out. Or alias the command killserver on your game before starting the map.

Wow…that is sketchy af.

Also, please search through your pc/harddrive and check, and hopefully if you find the map, I’d love for you to upload it/share it with me.