(Early WIP) Bad Guys Always Win, a Co-Op Sci-Fi Survival gamemode.


You’ve cursed yourself! Now that you’ve posted all of this stuff, you won’t actually do it! Aaaaah!

Seriously though, when you get cool ideas, it’s best to not post anything until it’s good and ready for at least a beta or something. Brains are searching for the easiest way for gratification and laziness, and if you easily gratify yourself by posting about your ideas, you probably won’t complete them. It’s a curse.

Well shit, now I HAVE to do it just to prove it wrong.
I’m snipping this thread anyway. One dumb rating from a 17 year old and a response telling me it probably will never get finished is bad for motive.

I don’t want to give gratification for ideas because when I get gratification for ideas I fail. Me giving you gratification for ideas alone would be worse for you.