Earn x money if you join a specified steamgroup

I need something like this, I’ve got a deathrun server with a money system, and that’d be a very nice addition. You’d see this in Blackops’s DR|Fretta server.

You could use Open Steamworks if you had the ability to host a binary and Steam somewhere. If you don’t, you can use gm_steamworks.

Bad thing, my lua knowledge is too bad.

I still need this.

If I find some time I will do some research on gm_steamworks and look into the functions and see if this is possible, if it is then I will find some time to write up an example.

This is very possible, I will try and find some time to write up a script.

And I still need this…

Hell, I’ll even paypal them 5$ if someone gets this done by today.

Working on it.

Sorry, I got someone working on it already, thanks anyways.

Late :xd: I wrote the code. If you need it contact me on steam.



player:LoadupSteamGroupData() --[[ Do that before any data read. ]]–
/* Table format:
groupPrimary = (Is the goup the primary group?)
groupID = ( Group id. Steam page id. )
groupName = ( Group name. )
player:IsMemberOfGroup( groupID )
Returns: isMember , isThePrimaryGroup */