Earth Day - inspired by Full Life Consequences.

This is a video series I am working on. When we read the text “Earth Day” by Art Buchwald at school, the type of writing remembered me of the narration of Half-Life: Full Life Consequences. Therefore I tried to use the text in a similar video. Currently there are five parts of the series released, with a special ending still to follow. Have fun watching!

Part One: The Fire

Part Two: The Water

Part Three: The Car

Part Four: The Trash

Part Five: The Bombs

I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten responses. These are hilarious.

So this is read by you taken from the text in class?

in the beginning, god created man. which according to the latest birth control statistics, was a mis-steak.

i laughed the entire way through. good job.

Thanks. Feel free to spread it if you like!


LAWL! Where are you from mate? your voice+accent fits it perfectly!! Great videos!

Laughed at every single one. Awesome series, dude.

Good god, am I ever going to get hoooooooooooome?


thanks guys… I’m from Germany (hope this doesn’t make me unpopular :wink:

part five finished! here you go:

I put all the parts together and added an end, now it’s a 17 minutes long video:

German humor… :stuck_out_tongue: