Earth Day - Inspired by Half-Life: Full Life Consequences

When we read the text “Earth Day” by Art Buchwald (from “Down the Seine and Up the Potomac”) at school, the type of writing remembered me of the narration of Half-Life: Full Life Consequences. So I decided to make a similiar video, divided into parts like the real text is divided into paragraphs.
By now, the first three parts are finished, containing the topics “fire”, “water” and “car”. Part four and five are following.
I’m glad about any type of feedback, have fun watching: (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)

Feel free to spread the links! :smiley:

Dat was great

Not bad for something inspired by Half-Life: Full-Life Consequences.

good effort I say.

That wasn’t good as Full-Life Consequences but it still was um-icing.

Thx for the comments so far, part three is now finished and online!

Wow it’s pretty cool