Earthlings invading Mars

Meh. Didn’t come out like I wanted.

I had to use those Aperture Science hazmat suits because I didn’t find any better spacesuit-y models.

C&C I guess.

Very nice maybe a bit empty.
But its very good :smiley:

Well, this is the first time i’ve seen humans invading mars, you deserve half a cookie, just because I don’t want to give away the other half.

Mars is pretty empty :v:
And it’s very good and opposite of normal classic…lol.
You could use them brotherhood suits.


Was going to, but it would have been too much FO3.

I was also thinking if I could deflate their heads, replace them with citizen ones and then have them wearing bulbous space helmets made of glass…

Was going to picture humans assaulting a martian city, but I have no idea where to find sci-fi building models.

And I don’t have Sin Ep1…

Nice idea, looks good, i like it.

“Die Martians!”


Yeah, it is kinda empty.


It’s really cool, I’m liking the aliens blood :v:

Poor Martians.

Nice mate.

If you’re going for another one, you should make a huge epic battle loaded with corpses and vehicles… :v:

Perfect name for the movie
Earth Attacks!

Mars Attacks Aliens:
Da dat dat DA DA DA DAT!!

This one:
Ha hah hah HA HA HA HAH!!

Needs more martians fighting back and, the ground texture looks terrible.
But everything looks like a ‘Earth attacks!’ sort of style, fantastic.

Don’t bump old threads maggot.

There :slight_smile: