Earthquake Brush

^.^ is there anyway i can make a brush that acts like an earthquake? i’m making a build map with earthquake test on it, i wonder how to make one. i cant find contraints like hydraulics in hammer, and i’m thinking about using path_tracks going back and fort.

Thank you in advance

env_shake will shake the screen, go into the flags tab for any other details. And a brush that acts like an earthquake? Never seen it done, so it might be interesting. Good luck

A brush acting like one? I haven’t heard of an entity capable of that, although I know for sure like spartan one said env_shake’s will shake the screen.

You can’t shake the brushes, but you can use env_shake and put like dust effect coming out of ceiling or ground or something. To make it look like it was the earth that shook.

tnx, i will use env_shake for effects.
I want the brush moving for testing contraptions on gmod, thats the purpose rly of my map

Uh func_tracktrain and path_track might do the job for you.

You could use a physbox for the building ( just an idea ) and parent it to some moving things, like the path_tracks, like you said, and have the env_shake in the background to give more effect. You would have to root the physbox building into the ground though.

env_shake has an option/flag to shake physics objects too, try making a button or something activate it then and see if it works.

Only problem I could see with this, is what if someone wants to make a contraption without it shaking? Therefore I think he’d need just a certain place that shakes.

I can’t remember but doesn’t the env_shake have a certain radius that you can have it?

Pff, hell if I know. I haven’t experimented with it.

Make a trigger on the brush with “onstarttouch>shaker>startshake” and “onstoptouch>shaker>stopshake”

Then make the radius of the env_shake the size you want, and flag “physics” or something like that.

That should work if i am correct.

yea it worked! i need to change the duration tho, like to 999999999 or just -1.

tnx guys!