Earthquake Gamemode Spawn Weapons

Okay, so I think that the Earthquake Game Mode for Garry’s Mod got broken in a recent update. It no longer allows you to spawn with any weapons, the physics gun, or the gravity gun or tool gun. I’ve been screwing around with the code on my server trying to fix the problem with no luck. I tried out the dark role-play with earthquake game mode, however I’d rather not tack on a full game style that I’m completely uninterested in. Here is the link to the version on

It is the only version i have found in 3 days of searching google.

If anyone wants to give me a tip, or just post some LUA of the Init file edited and tested to spawn with weapons that would be extremely appreciated. I’ll continue attempting to tack this in with some other LUA code from Sandbox, but so far it’s just proven that i don’t know enough LUA code to do this.

Hi there, I abandoned that gamemode a while ago now - the best way to get Earthquakes is to install DarkRP since that has the latest code (and actually works properly with the latest Garry’s Mod).

It’s probably possible to graft the earthquake section from init.lua of DarkRP into a basic new gamemode that’s empty of anything else.

A new empty game mode, possibly just making another copy of sandbox then sticking the code within the init file? I think i tried that, should i copy over everything in the gamemode’s init file, or just the parts that cause earthquakes / break welds etc.