Earthworm Jim (from the 90s cartoon show/games of the same name)

[release]Earthworm Jim: A Spawn from the Glorious 90s:[/release]
The 1990s may be regarded by almost everyone as a renaissance period for television and video gaming. It was the decade destined to become an influential entity; it brought us timeless television classics such as The Ren and Stimpy Show and Seinfeld, along with video game favorites like Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World. Among the hundreds of things that were wrought in both realms, we were eventually introduced to a not-so-typical-everyday annelid by the name of Earthworm Jim. In a nutshell, the Earthworm Jim cartoon was somewhat similar to that of Ren and Stimpy in that it had a lovely tendency of being mostly weird, sometimes strange/awkward, and occasionally bats**t crazy (albeit a bit less intense) at times. (This could also be said for the games based on it.) Like many of the shows that were out in the 90s, Earthworm Jim was very much unique and memorable in its own ways. Unfortunately, like the fate of many others, it was to be lost and forgotten prior to/during the transition into the early 2000s. Damn… Always happens to the really good shows, too.

[release]Two Ways of Being Tackled:[/release]
Before reading further, please understand that this model request for Earthworm Jim may have the potential of being fulfilled by one of two ways:

[release]Why on Earth Should This Model be Ported/Created?:[/release]
Aside from the general statement “This model would be good for (insert verb ending in “-ing”) (Insert name of action or activity) and useful for (blah, blah, blah)”, an Earthworm Jim model would be nice to have because he’s - of course - a bloody worm for goodness sake. I mean how many models do we have out in Garry’s Mod that feature a true member of Class Oligochaeta (of Phylum Annelida) that happens to be slightly humanoid and can operate a robotic suit? Anyways, throwing Earthworm Jim into the dark depths of Garry’s Mod might be something to consider since:

  • It would offer us something interesting to tinker around with in-game for a bit.
  • It could provide a healthy dose of nostalgia to (nearly) anyone who grew up in the 90s.
  • There’s a good chance that it’ll be a while before we see another Earthworm Jim game.

[release]Important Features that Should/Could be Incorporated into the Earthworm Jim Model (Customized Version Only):[/release]

  • Good rigging and adequate modeling (as always)
  • Face posing
  • Eye posing
  • Finger posing
  • Toe Posing

Support you thread I do.

I like Earthworm Jim. I was a hardcore fan in my early ages. I loved the cartoon also. But then they killed the series and, well…

To be honest I have only seen a couple of episodes back then. Did the series get abruptly dropped for no reason (like SAT Sonic) or was it messed up so much that there was no point of return for it?

support !

Full suport!

The cartoon is not the reason they have killed the series. When I say the series, I say the WHOLE Earthworm Jim series. The last stand-alone game was EWJ3D made back in N64 era. As I remember, the game was a disaster back then cause it looked nothing like a EWJ game. After this game they only made remakes.
Since then, there’s are only rumours of a really new game. They killed him for no reason!

Ahhhh, so THAT’S what happened. My apologies for being slightly clueless toward the matter.

Hope we get a Princess What’s Her Name ragdoll, too. That would be awesome!

Let’s not forget about Psycrow, too. (But that could be for another thread.)

What about Jim’s sidekicks, Peter and Snot?

My reaction to this thread and idea: