easier face poser??

can someone make an easier face poser tool pls. i mean like a face poser where you can just pull parts of the face to pose it instead of changing some multiple values for like ten shitty minutes only to get a fuckin horrible result. seriusly, the current face poser are down right annoying and really hard to use. so im askin anyone who reads this to make an easier to use face poser. i was thinking of a face poser where you just right click to select a face then left click to pull parts of the face to pose it. and reload to reset the face. or yo can just make it more like the finger poser tool. well, thanks in advance heh heh.

You must be borderline retarded to think the faceposer is hard to use.

okay not hard but annoying. really really goddam fuckin annoyin.

You can’t make a new faceposer.

why not???

Yes you can, there is just no point, you won’t be able to make a better one.

cant they just make it to work like the finger poser

That would be ridiculous.

at least it would be easier to use.

And it would be horrible

but easier

For crying out loud just use the normal one. It even got an update about a month ago and it’s like 100 times easier now. Besides, even if it was made with lesser options it would be harder cause you won’t be able to get the face you want.

I’m imagining some sort of image like the hand poser.

yes thats what im talking about. a stool like the hand(finger poser) but instead we replace the hand image with a face image. with slider points around the eye nose cheek and mouth.

That wouldn’t work at all

Also different models have different face stuffs.


Uh… Flexes, I think?

Different models have different hands too:eng101:

But do them hands have different bones/flexes/whatever the hell they are?