Easier way to build homes Idea

Maybe only make planks 5 wood to make instead of 10?

Post your Ideas below!

Once you get your house up, it’s not so hard. Reducing the amount of wood it takes to build a house would sort of make the game too easy in my opinion.

or make it 15?

The way that it is currently is well and has been working just fine. I honestly would have no problem with it being more wood to create planks.

My only issue with housing is lack of diversity… would love to see brick, stone, reinforced concrete and so forth.
Hopefully in time as the Alpha/Beta progresses we will see more options! :slight_smile:

^ Starting with Stone houses would be awesome
Metal > Stone > Wood
(Only stone walls and Fondations, no darn stone doors as this wouldnt work out in any exiting world…)


I think one of the best ideas about buildings was the fact that the lenght and wide of the structure will be linked to the material used. So if you use wood for expample you can make only 2 stores high max. then stones 3 then metal then bricks etc…

This way the build part of the game would be more interesting, and harder.