Easier way to quick toggle value E2

Very weird title indeed.

I believe that there must be an easier way to toggle something on for just long enough for it to recognize and then turn it off again.
I need to spawn 10 props using the prop spawner (Can’t get propcore working) and then i have to use the timer 20 times?

I mean, if button then timer 200 ms if clk timer then spawn = 0 timer 200 ms if clk timer then spawn =1 etc. etc.
Takes a looooooong time. Isn’t there a quicker way to do this?

To make a prop spawner spam stuff really fast:

@inputs On
@outputs A
if (On) {
    A = !A
} else {
    A = 0

Wire the prop spawner to the Expression, and the Expression to a button (or a wire numpad input).

EDIT: Don’t use it on a server, though. If there’s an admin you’ll get permabanned. Go single player.