Easiest Raid You Have Ever Done?

Would like to hear some story’s about really easy raids you guys have done. My crew did one a couple days ago where we didn’t use any C4, or anything for that matter. Stories of people being straight idiots are always the best.
Here’s a video I shot. *


when I first started I thought I was safe behind a wooden door :smiley:

good vid :smiley:

being sneaky, dropping into someone’s base unannounced through a window or other opening and then devising some way to throw the goods to a friend or get them out otherwise. Theres low-hanging fruit like that everywhere… just gotta know what to look for =)

Walked into the base. Grabbed the loot. Walked home.

lost 2 x c4, got ~2k gunpowder, ~200 lqm + lot of weapons and bullets. House size 1x1 (cheater spot), server: UK1

Decay is my best friend, found 2K gunpowder 100 LQM 5x Bolt Actions MP5’s leather cloth all x250, in a just decay’d large base!

Don’t know if I have the video anymore but it was some time ago before the window bar patch . There was a 5x5 10+ story high metal base(or close to that) and it had some windows at the middle . Climbed up to them blew up 2 doors found exactly 25 Large wood storage crates all of them full with everything they had .

My friends tried blowing up some walls of the first floor of a big house, it had lots of sleeping bags, so I’ve placed one of mine there.I log in, in the morning to find out all the doors inside had been left open, I took their c4 blew up a wall, and took all they had, thousands of gunpowder, sulphur , loads of weapons and ammo. I had to make to make 2 journeys to carry all the stuff lol

Guy opened door. Shotgun to the face. Steal loot and go home.
or getting allot of newbs together and give them hatchets and take down wooden doors… then shoot them.

Damn sounds like a good day for you haha

I’d say decay is a good friend. Few times I went to houses that started to or already have decayed. It’s funny how houses like that sometimes have TONS of unlooted stuff. I’m guessing that majority of ppl passing by think like “whatever…it’s raided already <continues running>”…well hey I did that too LOL! This one time I saw a decayed 1x1 house hidden by rocks near hangar and I was passing by it like 5934 times since I had my house nearby. I never really bothered checking boxes/furnace since I believed it’s all empty.
Then one time I accidently fell from rock and landed in that decayed house…pressed E and LOL it was full of weapons/ammo/ore - jackpot :smiley:

Most efficient raid, 12 F1 grenades to blow up a one by one metal base storage room got a 2 large wood storages of guns and ammo and a few sets of kevlar.

Easiest raid would be a woodern shack like most peoples.

/admindoor = easy raid

Just joking… I actualy brake in to my servers players houses and leave some loot in their boxes when they are offline.

Shack with a metal door, placed up high on a cliff, at an odd angle. I was able to crouch under the corner and crawl in the shack. 6 explosives, 1 c4, almsot 2 stacks of LQM, furnace full of guns an ammo. It was almost my first day on the server.

Large base by tanks started decaying. 5 large storage and 5 barricades later got, 4 explosives, 6c4, m4, few mp5, few p250’s, plus 1.5k GP, bunch of metal and other supplies

Aside from that I have hit some 1x1 bases with 2c4 and got 4+m4, 2K metal, 50lqm, bunch of leather, cloth, ore ect.

The base was decayed from inactivity. Walked right through where the walls were suppose to be and took some really really good stuff for a fresh spawn.

I don’t raid much but the easiest one was definitely the one-story base with two AFK people inside and no ceiling.

Just popped down some stairs, they seemed to have gotten pretty startled when I started firing.
They raged and quit the server… saying it was unfair because their house wasn’t finished, I sorta feel bad about it lol.

Two months before when wooden walls had weakness to one C4 me and my friend looted 5000 sulfur, 4000 metal fragments and ~4000 gunpowder from 2x2 wooden platform base + bolt action rifle with ammo from sleeper…

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This is the easiest raid i’ve done.