Easiest way to get the player's left and right (clientside)


I’m working on a smooth camera effect. How would I get the player’s movement from left and right (even if they’re not facing a certain degree)?


movement in what aspect

when they press A and D.

also, I’ve got some code for my smooth camera, however the view model and the WASD movement isn’t synchronized with it. It’s modified via calcview.

local _Mx = 0;
local _My = 0;
hook.Add( "CreateMove", "SWEP:GetValues", function( _cmd )
        local _p = LocalPlayer( ); -- for player
        _Mx = _Mx + -_cmd:GetMouseX( )/64;
        _My = math.Clamp(_My + _cmd:GetMouseY( )/32, -90, 90);
end );

function SmoothCam(ply, pos, angles, fov)
    local view = {}
    view.origin = pos
    view.angles = Angle(_My, _Mx, 0);
    view.fov = fov
    return view
hook.Add("CalcView", "SmoothCamera", SmoothCam)

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Is there some way/place I can directly modify the X and Y movement of the mouse that goes into the game view?