East Being Down, Sound not

So I am sure you’ve all noticed east being down, I have noticed that the sound for east seems to still be there, before i lose connection to server I can hear the fire that I left going (like 10-15 minutes ago when it was up for abit) Kinda strange XD.

servers been glitchy all day , It almost feels as if the network engineers are trying to steer east players to west servers… as that seems to be the only one not having issues. Its been this way for some time now they shut 1 down and leave another up and everyone switches.

I don’t think so Basalite, as before this it was the west servers having problems, like constantly.

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seems to me servers can’t handle load, as the community will be playing on west for example then west starts having problems after a day or two so they swap to east and back and forth like so. At least that’s what My team and I have been doing + noticed lots of other players I know from east come over to west then back to east as they go down. I obviously don’t know for sure just a speculation.

other US servers where to be up today but they had some issues so they pulled them. But they r working on putting atleast another US server up.