East Coast 100 Man Server. PVP/Sleepers

This 100 Man server was created about 2 days ago and we have an average population of 12 players. All the players that come in the server have been great to play with and helped others out when others ask. Since this is a fresh server and aren’t packing as many people at the moment, there are a ton of recourses up for grab. I set the Airdrop so it will continue to drop if you happen to be the only player in the server, a higher chance for you to get a quick start! My name in the game is PattyIce. I tend to hop on around 3pm to 9pm on the weekdays and early morning and most of the day on the weekends.

Server name: -MDG- East Coast-[PVP][Sleepers]

Server IP:

Have any questions? Message me on Steam. rip4399

Great server good group of guys and we are all on everday any where from 3-8 hours we need to get it more populated so if you and your friends are looking for east coast pvp/sleeper server this is the one for you theres alot of resources to go around and the quicker you start playing here the better of you will be

Thanks man! Make sure to contact me if you have any questions.

What can I say about this server? Well I guess I can start with how friendly everyone is and how much help I got. I’ve been in a couple other servers ranging from 200 players to 50 players and I believe the 100 man size is just right for the size of the map. Another great thing about this server is the amount of resources that are scattered around the wasteland.

Keep up the good work and Ill be sure to bring my friends in here once they buy this Alpha game!

Pretty chill server. Raiding isn’t all to heavy, been able to keep all of the gear Ive been getting safe.

I saw some naked people running all over and then it got completely dark and i think i got eaten by a grue… :frowning:

HAHAHA I think i watched that go down!


There seems to be a good mix of friendly people with just enough crazy axe murderers to keep it interesting! XD