East Coast 3 has been offline for 4 days.

I assume Facepunch is just done supporting the old version? A server offline for 4 days with no information as to why? I assume this will be locked, because I’m not supporting your company in this post. You’re really amping me up to play your new version of Rust, until you start on another game. Then I can only assume the new Rust will be 100% ignored by your company as well.

Way to go Facepunch. Show us consumers why we should play your games. Bravo. Golf Clap

Go on another server.

Don’t blame FP they don’t host the servers.
Just find another server… it can’t be more difficult than breathing.


See: Alpha Access

Nice attitude. Impatience==logical argument thread that merits not being locked

Again, nice attitude, and again, see: Alpha Access

Again, nice attitude. You’re sure to have some nice responses with a thread like this. But hey, you have some valid points in regards to how Facepunch treats their game development cycles. I mean, nobody plays GMod anymore, right?

Having a developer that doesn’t care about a game sucks no matter what. It’s a very shitty way to do business. No matter how far you all have their dicks down your throat.

In reference to “Facepunch doesn’t host the servers.” Yeah, already contacted playrust.eu, they literally told me only FP can fix it as they have administrative control over the server. Try harder.

Im just gonna take you as a troll and go on with my day.

I would post proof for what I say but I don’t care that much. Resolve a official servers IP, it’s playrust.eu. Talk to their live help. Not rocket science. FP doesn’t care.

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It’s so sad such a good game is being ruined by a company that doesn’t give a shit about it’s player base. They hide behind the Alpha tag like they didn’t make an entire game and were unable to fix it because they are not advanced enough, or too stingy to hire more programmers. The whole Rust thing is a joke, and all you forum bible thumpers are laughable. Where your motivation comes from to defend a company that literally acts like children to their player base is beyond me. Respect is earned, and they are earning none.

Sorry your old game sucks, but FFXIV sucked too. They literally scrapped the entire game and remade it into FFXIV: Reborn and now it has 2mil players. While they were remaking it, they kept adding content to the old version, and made it F2P. Learn from a real company FP and stop being so fucking rude to your players.

Right because devs who work mon-fri for 8 hours or more don’t give a shit about the game. Have you even looked at their Trello page?

Actually looking at the facts before coming up with counter-arguments == sucking devcock. Stop being an asshole.

So it’s okay for the player base to suffer because they want to hoard all their money? Again, shitty business practice. They could hire more people, they could hire an admin for officials, they could do a lot of things. They just don’t. That isn’t the player bases fault, it’s theirs. Your defending a group of people that are doing this for fun and hoard their profits, not a company.

as I have said many times over, this is just a result of bad server maintenance. The servers can no longer handle the load and the high object count crashes the server and since there are no admins, the server doesn’t get restarted. There have been official servers down for months at a time already. last month they restated several servers that had been missing only to have them crash and go back down within a week and they are all gone again.

Also, the game being in alpha is a bulls**t excuse in regards to this issue. Whether or not the game is in alpha has nothing to do with the fact that no one is maintaining the servers and no one at facepunch seems to have any thoughts on the issue as they don’t seem to have ever directly responded to this problem. yes they are hosted by payrust.eu but they aren’t responsible for the servers status, only the server owners are, namely facepunch.

side note: maybe they should switch to gameservers, they automatically check server status and restart if it’s down - if the admin sets this feature up of course)
also, maybe we should be thankful that they arent using HFB at least lol. the official servers would never be up at all.

There are literally thousands of other servers to play on. If the devs aren’t getting weekly updates out, people flip out because they don’t know what’s happening. If they post dev logs so people at least know what’s happening, people flip out because the official servers aren’t being maintained. If they were to maintain the official servers, people would find something else to bitch about. You guys shouldn’t buy early access games if you can’t handle dealing with bumps in the road. Just because you don’t like what alpha access really entails doesn’t change it or make it any less valid as a reason behind the issues you’re experiencing in an unfinished game. Hope you can understand what I’m saying, I know there’s, “devcock down my throat.” :rolleyes:

Official servers suck anyways…

You’re choosing to suffer. You could go to another server instead of shitting all over the forums and calling everyone who disagrees with you a cocksucker. They’re not working 8 hours a day and getting yelled at by someone no matter how they prioritize for fun, they’re doing it because they want to put out a game that they can appreciate and that players can appreciate. I’m defending them because no matter what they do, someone is always shitting on them, and it’s exhausting and disgusting. You can’t just throw money at issues and have them be fixed forever. That’s not how software development works.

alpha,pre-alpha,beta, whatever, we’ve been through this song and dance many times over this year. It’s still not a valid excuse for an issue that can be resolved by having one person check once a day to see if the “OFFICIAL” servers are up and running, it’s not exactly rocket science. I’m pretty sure I was b***hing about this before the devblogs ever even started.

bump in the road? mysteriously disappearing OFFICIAL resources, for months at a time, is not a bump in the road. It’s a damn mountain, an invisible mountain apparently. I’ve test , betaed, alphed many game just like many other people in the Rust community. This is the only large scale game I have been involved with that does things this way with the nonchalant attitude towards it’s user base.

You decided to donate $20 to the development of the game. In exchange, you get early access if you choose to use it-- but ultimately, you get a finished release-copy of the game.

Until that full-release copy comes out, you have absolutely no right to complain about anything. At this point you are an alpha tester. So stop making yourself look stupid, sit down, and shut up.

In what field is it good business practice to throw money away at every complaint that arises?

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If there were no other servers for players to choose from, it’d probably be more of a priority to have those servers up and running. But I don’t think it’s a priority/something that makes the players suffer when there are literally THOUSANDS of other servers to choose from. If they don’t absolutely need them to progress in development, why would they spend the money to hire someone to administrate them?


Something that’s not heavily necessary and isn’t working would be considered a bump in the road imho. Something like the player movement suddenly breaking and being ignored for months would be a mountain. Sorry if that upsets you.

Totally disagree. A tester has more right to complain than anyone, that’s the point of a tester, find issues and report them. Berating someone for having an opinion that doesn’t align with your own, does nothing to help your argument, or his.

I can honestly say ive never felt less like a tester in my life.

( bear in mind I love rust even with it’s issues and have put in over 2000 hours including about 150, per on 2 official servers and lost glorious structures, simply because they are not doing any maintenance on the servers that are supposed to be official resources)

You bought a licence to play the early access.
The official servers don’t have to be there for you to play on them in the first place. They aren’t even moderated so it wouldn’t be a huge loss to the community. Might even see a small decrease in hacker activity on overall servers.

Oh no a server went down… It’s hard to take 15 seconds to find another one to reconnect to. It’s not rocket science.

As a tester you have every right to send in complaints to the dev team, but they also have every right to prioritize what needs to be done as opposed to catering to specific people who want to play on one specific server when it’s not a necessity. If the game were finished, it’d be more understandable to want the official servers up and running. IMO the devs have better things to do than to babysit.

Official servers are considered by at least some of us, to mean they are Official. They added the Official choice to the UI, they made Official servers, and the word Official in and of itself signifies that we should be able to depend on them at least being available for use in some capacity. They should remove them altogether or treat them as official resources. In any game similar to this setup, if an official server is unavailable, it it typically reported in someway, or at the very least not ignored by the developer in the first place. No one is saying there are not other options.

you are sick of peopel bashing the devs? I’m sick of people answering everything with “oh its an alpha get over it” as a bulls**t cop-out for every issue, large or small.

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round and round we go!!! Same old excuses. Fact is, some people prefer official server, they dont need a reason why( maybe because it’s official and new players recognize this word as having great importance, maybe they dont like the server they play on being wiped every week, maybe they are tired of abusive admins and rather deal with hackers, there are countless reasons to like or dislike official servers). Some people invest time in the game to build things they want to see, only to see them destroyed. Part of the game you say!, Absolutely! If an opponent takes the time to make c4 and come and blow up someones pretty little house, then so be it. thats the game. to lsoe 50 hours, 100 hours, or even 5 hours progress simply because someone cant go oh hey servers down, and click a button… some of us find this beyond frustrating. they make friends, enemies, etc in a specific community, then bam server disappears and they have to start all over. Well surprise, surprise, not all of us play this game like a glorified battlefield clone. Some of us actually like to build and take great pride in doing so. there is more to this game than shooting nakeds in the face for some of us.