East Coast | Prestige Worldwide | Economy | DShare| TP to Friend | Limited Loot | Limited Admin Powers

**[East Coast][1/13] East Coast Economy | Sleeper | Hardcore | PvP | **


Server Wiped Feb 13

90% Economy Server (Farming/Selling Item/Killing Zombies and Players)
Increased Airdrop Items
Teleport to Friend (Limited Once per Life/Server Restart)
Limited Military Loot (No Military guns will spawn must be crafted or bought on market)
Door Sharing
Half Crafting Time
Clan Grouping System
If you join I highly recommend that you join a group in order to survive.

(Our Custom Oxide Plugins)
We’ve we make and modify the Oxide plugins for our server to make our server more unique than the others.

Private Teamspeak 3 Server with Room on Request**

We’ve been running servers since 2006 and have created a good syste, if you need a reference you
can search DayZ Mod (Mature Gamers) you will see that our Servers have good reviews.

Connect to the Server by Press F1 and enter



cool server

fixed the Random Suicide Exploit

Military Loot/Food has been lowered even more… Zombies drop more junk. Economy and Help has been fixed. Players are buiding a Market in Resource Vally.
Tomorrow you will get money for killing Wolves/Bears.

This is the only server I play on since I started on the server. The Owner/admins are very nice and actually listen to what the players say and hold votes to see what the players in the server think about changes. The Econ system is extremely helpful. I just love the server.

thx <3 much love enjoy playing with ya




this server has three confirmed exploiters/hackers Dandy Panda, and xtehpwnstarx. ZombieTampons doesn’t take reports on exploiters/hackers seriously (probably because they are his friends from his old DayZ server?). They use teleport exploits/hacks to get behind you and shoot you in the head. I witnessed this in resource valley, my friend was 100m away while i was on top of a rock. xtehpwnstarx walks up to my friend so they start shooting each other. i am watching the whole thing, all of a sudden i see someone wearing leather (red shirt) APPEAR OUT OF THIN AIR behind my friend. needless to say he shot him square in the back of the head (my friend did not even see the guy in red [Dandy Panda] because, like i said, he materialized out of thin air behind him). i witnessed this whole thing happen.

Aeos is also a teleporter. Another time i killed aeos, then his friend Dandy Panda started shooting at me from about 25 m away. Not 10 seconds after I had killed Aeos, he appears RIGHT BEHIND me with a shotgun and kevlar/rad gear (while i am still engaging Dandy Panda).

I believe they are using an exploit with the /tpa mod.

have fun with the teleport exploit. just make sure u don’t abuse the shit out of it to the point where you run out of honest players to use it on

DON’T PLAY HERE, hackers get chummy with the admin, and the ADMIN LETS THE HACKERS REIGN FREE.


Server Plugins have bene updated.

crafting explosive charges has been officially disabled :yarr:

you can still buy them in the economy system. type /ehelp for info in-game


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bump we now have about 15 regulars COME JOIN WHILE THE LOOT IS FRESH!!

Looking for a Squad on the server. Message me ingame and we can met at the user made town

bump: Will be giving out Random Bounty Current: Gorilla 16.5k

Great server! Only one I play on! People are friendly and admins are awesome!

If you decide to join, feel free to stop by the town in North Valley and someone will help you get set up. :slight_smile:

Great stable server, active admin always on top of things. Taking advice from the players. Friendly community def worth checking out!

bump! my bounty is now at 21k! oh god

Market Buy/Sell is up you can Buy/Sell anything on the Market also you cannot Craft M4/Bolt Action must Buy.

Selling items has been improved/balanced