EAST COAST PVP ECONOMY SERVER Doorshare Oxide [Our 2nd Server]!

Welcome all!
This is a different server then #1 East Coast PvP!
East Coast PvP is dedicated to giving you the best possible gaming experience!
This is our second server and we are hoping this expands just like our last one.
Server is brand new as of 1/23/14!
Looking for a great community
Have a Economy system set up with High prices to make things fair
All Players start with 100 When killing a player you receive 20% of their
Killing zombies and animals will also earn you $
Active Admins.
Hacking is never tolerated.
No Vac bans allowed.
To connect press [F1] type “Net.connect”
We do also have a teamspeak
Check out our website for our main server http://www.eastcoastpvp.com
Hope to see you there!
Feel free for any questions comments or concerns!

Daily BUMP

Awesome server. Looking to fill it up!

Bump server running great!

Bump server is at top of the list labeled US Economy!
Already about 20 people running smooth!

East Coast PvP did a very good job with their 1st server…looking forward to great admins and a great economy on this one. Still plenty of room for people to build on this fresh server!

Bump Still building up the community come try out our economy system it is not overpowered and quite nice for a change. Active admins and always a great community!
Please friends join us!


This is a pretty epic server, one of the best I’ve run across.

Economy is set up very well bring your friends!

Another server with admin abuse :confused:
Got banned on one of there 2 servers for killing an admin. I wouldn’t recommend this server. I’ve logged 500 + hrs on rust so if I were a hacker I think i’d be vac banned by now.

[editline]27th January 2014[/editline]

You were unbanned, it was a misunderstanding. We have a few admins trying to keep the server clean and he claimed you were hacking. We try our best to keep the server clean. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Anyway, Bump!