Server start date: 1/10/14
Location: Columbus, OH.

Name: Krupt’s Rust++ v142|NO CRAFTED C4|DOOR SHARE|PVP|1/4CRAFT|SLP
Direct connect via console: net.connect

Door Sharing, 1/4 Crafting, Chat log history, and more! Active admin guaranteed to be there most of every day keeping things clean and cool. Rust++ brings awesome features like door sharing (/share <FriendsNameHere>), starter packs (/starter), and chat log history (/history) <-- One of my favs. It’s always so annoying when you miss chat because you are looking away or have to be afk for a couple minutes. Not anymore!! It’s the same great Rust we have all come to love with some added features that we’ve all been wanting! Check it out and lets get a real Rust server going.

A big difference on this server is that you are unable to craft Explosive Charges, you may only find them from crates, zombies, and airdrops. Other than that the game is the same, I’ve not messed with drop chances on anything. The only change to loot tables was removing Explosives from the airdrops and removing the Explosive Charge blueprint. This server uses the following modifications: Leather (Mod loader), DropParty (How I removed Explosives from the loot tables), and Rust ++.


(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

8:56am, 1/10/14 Update-

-Removed Explosives from airdrops making Explosive Charge uncraftable. They can now only be obtained from drops.

Once we get more players, and see how things play out, I’ll decide what to do about the rate at which they drop from crates and zombies. At this point the drop rate has not been changed.


cant connect

Nvm its working was my bad, server is getting people quick! loving this server

Awesome! Yeah, I’m liking the idea of not being able to stockpile C4 by constantly crafting it. As more players continue to move in and get settled, get all the blueprints etc, we’ll see how much C4 is floating around and know then if we need to change the rate at which it drops. At this time I see no reason to mess with the drop rate for Explosive Charge. It’s been kept at default. The only change I’ve made to the loot tables is removing Explosives. Oh, BTW, airdrops are currently set to a minimum of 15 players.


Good server, like the lack of c4 but still possible to get. Wiped a day ago so no huge disadvantages.

just giving this a bump loving it!

BUMP! currently 12 people on! been 10+ for last 3 hours

15 now airdrops about begin. Great time to start

Bump, been holding steady at 14-15.

Was up to 30 last night.



  • Updated Rust++ to version 1.4.1 loaded with new features like pvp kill notification, voice notification, join/leave notify, etc.

New record 46 on now, join in for the fun.

Played on Krupts first server and he didn’t play nice. He used his admin ability(invisibility) to give his teamates(xurdun specifially lol) an advantage. Admin wasn’t very active either. Beware!!!

Jenks man you don’t even know the story with that =/ The guy was a suspected hacker and I went over there once to monitor his activity, that’s just being an admin. I didn’t abuse any admin powers to benefit any friends. My friends and I have been playing games for a long time and cheating is the kind of thing that makes them not fun. We play hard, and xurdun is no exception. He raided the shit out of their place and I get blamed for this because I’m his friend. I can promise you there is nothing of the sort happening with any of my servers.


Ahh, suspected hacker. Good one. likely excuse. I work with him, he’s my friend. Accusing him of hacking I’m offended. That the way admins normally deal with hackusations?? Snoop on em while invisible? Then minutes later here comes the c4… LOL. Whatever.

What are you even talking about Jenks? Obviously you weren’t there, they accused me of hacking days before because I found their house. Talking about offended, lol you guys are just hypocrites that lost and are mad. Krupt never spawned me anything it took 6 c4 to blow into your buddies house. It was raided hours later before I even knew of the invisibility thing because I was asleep.

His base would have been one longer if he was able to build in that spot you put something down. Thats why it only took 6 c4, you cheated. I never said anyone gave you c4.

PS. I was never raided so I’m neither mad or defeated. I’m just saying, you guys are up to no good :slight_smile: I’d never play there again :slight_smile:

This is a great server, aside from the few issues over the weekend with disconnects that were apparently Steam’s fault.

Krupt’s been running a good server and have no seen any admin abuse on the server. He has also been extremely active since this server I joined the server on Friday. Personally, it sounds like Jenks is a bit butthurt about his buddy losing his house, but this is Rust. It happens.

Overall the server is pretty violent, so if you’re looking for a place to build in peace you’ll want to look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for all day PvP along with the fear and excitement that comes from never knowing if there is someone just behind the next rock with a shotgun ready to blast your head off, this is the server for you.

This plays very nicely with the low availability of C4 as you have to be much more cautious in when you raid and especially as soon as you find some C4, you have to get that precious explosive goodness back to somewhere safe fast!

6:14AM 1/14/14 UPDATE-

-Moved server host due to random crash/restart issues. Our new ip address is