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Play Rust with us on the Rustafari game server!
US | East Coast based server location and friendly players.

We are looking for friendly members who will be active in the Rustafari website and server community. Our number one priority is to provide an excellent gaming experience for all involved. We will take into account any server recommendations posted to our website forums. If you like knowing your voice will be heard and put into effect, then Rustafari is the server for you.

**Rust Server Information: **
Server Name: [US] Rustafari.enjin.com|StartKit|HalfCraft|DoorShare|Sleep|PvP

**To connect manually: **

  1. Within the Rust start screen hit “f1”
  2. Type in “net.connect” and hit “enter”
  3. Should immediately connect you to the server as long as a spot is open.

Server Enhancements:

  1. Half crafting time
  2. Starter kit - that includes a hatchet, a sleeping bag, and two Cooked Chicken Breast to get you going. (just type /starter)
  3. Door Sharing - makes it easy to group up and work together (just type /share )
  4. Sleeper - means your body may be killed and looted while offline (keep yourself safely behind a locked door)
  5. Airdrops - will happen periodically depending on amount of players currently in server

Server Events:

  1. Arena of Annihilation - will run 2’s or 3’s every weekend for a grand prize.

  1. A Tale of Towns - new players will have the option to choose which town they want to start off in and will get support from other townsmen
    -Rooms will be given based on door codes
    -While a citizen, you acquire the protection of the town
    -Towns will square off in epic battles for map rights!

ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY: Absolutely no hackers, exploiting, or cheating of any kind; these actions and behavior will result in perm ban. All parties that have been affected by a hacker will have their items restored as per server logs.

Server Wipe Information: We are currently planning to wipe the server player data and structures with each RUST game update release. This will be a general guideline, however, is subject to change. This is done to ensure that the server runs as efficient and smooth as possible while in Alpha.

Teamspeak Server Information:
Server address (IP): join.FreeTeamSpeak3.com
Channel name: No 870. Rustafari
Channel password: Ask one of the Admins

Teamspeak3 Download: http://www.teamspeak.com/

Rustafari Admins:
evRa [Owner]
Alex [Owner]

Rustafari Moderators:

Currently looking for reliable admins! Register today at http://rustafari.enjin.com/


evRa & Alex


I love this server!

Apply to be an admin today! —> http://rustafari.enjin.com/adminapplication

Arena of Annihilation!!! NOW COMPLETE!!!

The Arena is now done!

We will be running events once a week, usually on the weekends! We will run either 2v2’s, 3v3’s, or 5v5’s depending on the turnout. The tournaments will be set up in bracket fasion. This is a test of skill not what you already have. All players will have equal loadouts provided by admins.

Deathmatch Rules:

  1. Eliminate the enemy team.
  2. Players participating in the deathmatch HAVE to stay on the ground level of the arena.

Arena Conduct Rules:

  1. Players are to have no weapons, armor, or items on them, then they will receive a teleport to the arena (you WILL lose any items you have brought).
  2. Cannot kill anyone outside the main floor of the arena.
  3. No players can leave the arena at anytime, only way of leaving the arena is by death.
  4. Do not equip armor or weapons right before battle that you’ve hid in your inventory.
  5. All players who are not currently in the deathmatch MUST spectate from the 3rd floor viewing deck.
  6. All players who are not currently in the deathmatch cannot give any help to either team (through voice chat or global chat).

A Tale of Towns now added!