[EAST US] Sleepers / Half Craft /Airdrops / PVP / Friendly Players / Oxide / Events / Active Admins / Rare C4 / Wiped 2.1.2014

Sick of those over populated servers where you’re instantly kos-ed after joining for a few minutes? Try out ours! Although we are a pvp server, most of us have the common sense to first ask if you are friendly before shooting!

We have several active admins whos main goal is to keep this game hacker/griefer free. There is absolutely no admin abuse and any accusation of such is taken extremely seriously.

Heres some facts about our server

  • 150 slot server located in New York.
  • Half-Craft
  • C4 and Military items are rare
  • Oxide is active
  • Dedicated admins are always on
  • Server veterans are always here to answer your questions or help in any way
  • (Economy mod is coming soon)
  • Airdrops after 5 people
  • Always PVP with anyone
  • Wiped February 1, 2014
  • (starter kits will be added if high demand)
  • Always open to suggestions
  • Probably the friendliest people you will meet if you talk to us on Teamspeak!


Feel free to talk to us on our teamspeak channel at

Check us out at http://www.foxcompanygaming.com/

Love the server. Can vouch.:dance: