EAST VS WEST- Part 1.Romanian revolution

Soldiers of the 27th Guards Mobile Brigade of the USSR Armed Forces, during an international mission in Romania.

With the help of Soviet power, the Chuvash regime lasted another 15 years. After his death, the “democratic forces” began to act.

I like the composition of the characters as well as the scenebuild in total. Could’ve used maybe some debris in the street since everything around it looks so torn but I respect your artistic decisions. I can’t, however, get over the fact that where your light comes from in the scene and where it comes from in the sky is wrong, more accurately its backwards. The sun is coming out of the top right yet at the left side of the picture we see the soldiers’ shadows moving towards the sun instead of away from it. This is also noticed in the building at the left side. Not only is that shadow too dark but it physically wouldn’t be able to be there with the sun just peaking out over the building on the horizon. Not to say there aren’t parts where I think you nailed the lighting but some parts definitely need to be toned down to give it a more accurate early morning look.

Thanks for the review. Yes, with the lighting is really not all good