Easter Eggs

Spoiler alerts?

I was thinking about Easter Eggs in maps and I was wondering what you guys thought about them.

Do you go out of your way to find Easter Eggs when playing someone’s map?
Which Easter Eggs do you like the most? (Spoiler tags?)
Have you made any Easter Eggs in your maps, and would you care to share them?

I’m really trying to get ideas for good, complex, Easter Eggs.

I would like to try and keep it to Source mapping, but I guess other games are fine too.

The best hiding place for anything is in plain sight. I proved this in an egg hunt. One of the eggs they failed to find, was the one i had left in plain view, in top of a molehill in the field.

The mod I am currently working on has a few easter eggs in it.

  • a Minecraft pickaxe (made with propper)
  • a protoss symbol on a wall
  • a G-man sighting (I guess this counts as an easter egg?)

i really like the easter eggs in dear esther, especially the ghosts; they were in front of me all time and i didn’t notice them till my second playthrough.

Easter eggs are pretty cool, but shouldn’t be used too many times. 1-2 per level is good, maybe 3-4 depending on size.

Sometimes easter eggs can kill the mood that you’re trying to set for a serious map. Which I’ve found out after the release of one of my maps. So I’m just not going to worry about easter eggs from now on. Some mappers can pull it off, but I’m not one of them.

My mod has a dickload of easter eggs and film/game/music references.

Check out blahhh, duhhhhh and ahhhhhh easter eggs, all 3 nipper maps.

Cant get more complex than those, I still dont think anyones figured out ahhhhs secret completly yet.

My map is going to have some Easter Eggs in it, but for now, I’m not too worried about adding some. I just kinda want to get everything done first before adding the secret stuff.

My old map Aim Temple contains a secret song. Unless you’re using cheats (or hacks :v:) you can only trigger it with friends.

I enjoy hiding penises in unused texture space

That’s what it was, thought it was a fish flavoured lolly pop surprise.

I used to create complicated and high-tech easter eggs. One of my old maps which was made for zombie mod contains special mp5 which gives you godmode, sort of forcefield protection and unlimited ammo(no reloading!). To protect the secret I used multitude of buttons, teleports, logic ents, one trigger_look, and one codelock.
Now I stopped making easter eggs and secrets like that, mostly because when it comes to adding them I start being lazy and sceptic. I still like the idea though.

Needless to say, during creation of easter eggs like that I got enough skill to crack basically any secret in any source engine without even decompiling map. You can always PM me if you cannot figure some secret out, I’ll be glad to help.

references to other games / movies are always fun.

for example, in a quake 3 deathmatch map, there is a small part of a wall, just like any other wall in the map but, it has a small image of doom 2’s icon of sin on it.

God damn I love finding Easter eggs in games.
It really gives that feeling of having a little laugh, arm in arm with the developers.

Definitely. In the Half Life saga for example I tend to play through the game properly and then again to find the easter eggs. I do like to explore but am sometimes too engaged to look around, which is why a second run is sometimes needed.