Eastern group looking for active rust players!

hey all

We are Eastern timezone, 18+ community of rust players looking to expand. We have 3 current ACTIVE players, We play on CMWgaming (1 week wipe server) and desperately need players who are active (We all have jobs and understand its rough, But please only players that can put in at least a couple hours a night need apply) We focus mainly on building and raiding (astonishing I know right?) be willing to gather resources for the group and actively partake in raids. We are very laid back, Comedic and play the game for what it is, A survival simulation.

I am a dedicated streamer, So those of you who cant keep your racism or bigotry to yourselves don’t waste my time as all voice chat and gameplay is streamed (for the most part)

hit us up, Even for a test run! If were not for you, No ones going to condemn you!

Add me on steam, Steam user Giblet1337 (its likely I wont check this post again)



Drive by spamming…

Went to add him only to ask why a 1 week wipe server…

Found his steam profile, clicked add…

*Last online 3 days ago

not spam, Also sorry wrong fucking steam id.

SteamID: giblet1337

Epic luls

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Not everyone has all day to lurk forums. :wink:

holy crap, the prodigal son came back!

10/10 best first thread this month