[Eastern US] PVP/Airdrops/Sleepers/No-Durability/Active Admins

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Welcome! New server run by Rust enthusiasts looking to have a good time. Everyone welcome on our new Oxide based modded server! Active admins, as well as regularly scheduled updates! PvP battle is encouraged as well as Team basing and raids. All we ask is that if you join, you throw a shout out to your friends so they can join too! Our goal here is to expand our growing community to its maximum potential. Hope to see you out here soon!

Rules: No Racism, Soliciting, Vulgar Language, Hate Messaging, Flaming, or Threats of any kind or you will be permanently banned

Admins: All admins on our server play fair and only look to enhance the play style for everyone else in the server. If you have a problem, please don’t be afraid to contact an admin for support!

Great Server Come and join now!

New players are constantly joining and enjoying the server, thanks for all your support guys!

I joined about 2 days ago and I have really been enjoying myself. It’s a lot of fun, a nice community without spammers or other people ruining my gameplay. I also like communicating with all the others on teamspeak sometimes.

Thanks! And Welcome!




Bumpity Bump Bump

New Plugins wooo!

Now there are groups which is sick cause my friends and I don’t shoot each other anymore lol

Just type /gcreate!