easy aerodynamics (only coder needed, idea already worked out)

i have worked out a very simple and efficient way of simulating “relatively” realistic aerodynamics.
the velocity and direction of an object can be split into local XYZ velocities.
by applying different drag on those axis you can simulate relatively good aerodynamics.
let me demonstrate with this image.


unfortunately i can’t code, so i hope someone will be willing to code this.

and by the way, wing tool and fin tool are no good. so don’t link them to me >.<

so is anybody willing to code this?
anyways if you know somebody who can code this then please tell them about this request.

i would code it if I knew .lua, but I don’t :slight_smile:
I might wanna learn it one day, i might make this to learn lua :stuck_out_tongue:

garry’smod physics are far from realistic so making something realistic is hard enough. This tool might be useful to make things easier when making realistic stuff like planes.

You can’t find out if a prop is pointing the right way since all models are aimed differently, if you would want to make this it would require you to have a list of every model in the game.

i was thinking about a tool that applies this function on props. i’m sorry i haven’t been clear about that.

lets dig this old topic up.

so is there anybody willing to make a good aerodynamics tool?