Easy and Relax


Guess what?

**Looks like every each of your damn pictures. GENERIC! **
Still, it’s good.

give me an idea before complain something other.

yawn, why not try something else? be creative

The guy in the foreground would still hear that pistol, unless he was standing next to a running motor or a waterfall or something.

Looks great though.

no he wouldn’t ninja perk makes him silent

I like how a sniper is using an un-silenced pistol, you know those Russians won’t totally hear that.

Editing is great and all… but try using somthing other than just call of dudy stuff…mix it up

I like the posing on the 2 guys in the back, especially love the bullet effect, i hope the bullet didn’t hit his hand though XD

no, it’s silenced. I had to put my face like a half inch away from the screen to see it, but it’s there.

I may just see it but it looks like a tank is passing by in the backround. Or that just the gun is directly in his head so I doubt you’d hear the shot, maybe just the bullet ejection.

I spy a Helicopter x.x Maybe thats why he can’t hear the gun lol

he’s trained in long range shooting so he obviously needs a suppressed sidearm