Easy Anti Cheat Blocks Xpadder

I have been using xpadder to map my keyboard to my gamepad since the official alpha release. With the new experimental branch, and easy anti cheat, it seems to block the use of my gamepad via xpadder. Is there not a way to whitelist xpadder with easy anti cheat? Will there be a time when there might be some sort of controller support system implemented in-game instead?

Sorry, not possible to whitelist any input emulation software :confused: this is because of the anti-macro and anti-aimbot functionality.

anyway, rust will have native support for the gamepad soon.

That’s a bit ridiculous. Anti-cheat without whitelist is asking for trouble via false bans.

yeah, but EAC is not for your protection, its for cheat detection. giving a whitelist just opens up backdoors for hacks/macros to be excluded, and defeats the whole purpose of the program.

No worries. These detections are for blocking purposes only, we do not ban for the use of macro tools.

Any ban set is backed by definite proof of cheat program loaded in system, better safe than sorry - no guessing games.

Whats weird about EAC and xpadder in my situation is that it only blocks inputs that are mapped to a keyboard key. It does not block the mouse input. This would still leave open some vulnerability to third party programs running bots. I really hope to see some sort of in-game controller support implemented on the experimental side.

hey i found a work around for this. it is steam that is causing the problem. I noticed the same issue with xpadder not working when i tried playing an add on to another game. You need to run the exe directly and not through steam.
from your c drive go to:
program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/rust/experimental
then create a desktop shortcut for the rustclient.exe
click on it and bam, controller support!

one thing i did find is that if you play this way it does kick you after about 30 seconds. so maybe you have to go through steam. i will keep looking for a work around.

That’s not a workaround at all. You’re bypassing loading EAC, which means xpadder isn’t interfered with, but because EAC isn’t running, you will be kicked from servers almost immediately.

Always wondered. The new Rust Experimental Branch, is it the same protection against hackers as the legacy one? Any clue?

No, legacy never ran EAC.

So now, there is Valve AC & EAC?

Yup :eng101:

Call me a plunger for bringing up old shit, but I recently purchased 7 Days To Die off of steam and realized that it uses EAC as well. Now, the difference between the EAC for 7 days and Rust experimental is that the EAC for 7 days does not block xpadder as I explained in the OP with Rust. This reminded me of this thread in which eAc_SMa replied that it would be impossible to whitelist such a program due to “anti-macro and anti-aimbot functionality”. Was I fed a line, or does the EAC for 7 days which does allow xpadder have some sort of security hole now that the devs decided to let it through EAC? I still will like to see controller support in Rust.


By request from the game developers we disabled one specific anti-macro mechanism for 7DTD, enabling XPadder again while also allowing macroing - which they considered as a reasonable compromise while they are working on native controller support.