Easy AntiCheat: Disconnected error


so I have this problem, one day I was playing Rust, everything was normal. Then I shut it down, a few hours later I tried playing it again, it wouldn’t start. If I tried to run it from steam, it would give me an error even before the launcher starts, I would get: “Rust Launcher Error: Network Could not connect to the EasyAntiCheat network”. If I had started the game from windows, it would run the game, but after connecting to a server I would immediately get kicked out with a “Disconnected: Easy Anti Cheat - disconnected”. I tried to Verify Integrity Of Game Cache from steam. I shut down all firewalls/antivirus, I tried running as administrator, all different compatibility modes for the executable. Re-installing the game. I found a post about this on the forums where they said they were aware of an error with this and something about ISP blocking Easy Anti-Cheat, they uploaded some .dll files ( http://sandra.easyanticheat.net/test/ ). I downloaded these and installed. This has changed the outcomes a bit, still not fixing my problem though.

Now if I try to run the game from steam, I would get this error: “Rust Launcher Error: GameError - ShellExecute failed with code 5”. If I try to run the game from file, I can connect to a server and actually play but I always get kicked after 10-15 seconds, again with the same console message “Disconnected: Easy Anti Cheat - disconnected”. I’ve tried multiple servers, nothing works. Can you please help, I’m starting to get really frustrated here. It’s been like this for several days now. Even in the two newest patches.

I have this issue but only when using my internet which has a high Ping (satellite). Using my cellphone tethered to my computer I don’t have the issue. Could this be laitencey related? It only started a week or 2 ago for me.