Easy Cheat Failure

Is there a way to turn off the error in the box? I play on non secure servers sometimes and if I start the program by hand I get that error. It is annoying(I know I can start it in steam but I have a launcher I use so I can start without my mouse.

Can’t understand if you’re saying you’re trying to cheat on non-secure servers or your launching rust and your getting a cheat engine error… Could you be more specific please?

I have two computers. A desktop and a laptop. Everything is great on the desktop. On my notebook(I travel with) I can’t get Easy Cheat to work. I have installed the registry patch, ran as admin, and anything else to get it to work. But I can run the server with server.secure 0 and run rust’s exe by hand and play PVE on my own server…No cheating…Just me and sometimes a couple friends. In the previous version it just worked. After the update this morning it still works but I get a window in Rust that says Easy Cheat Failure. Result: Initialized Successfully. I just want rid of the window. I have tried pressing esc nothing works. I was hoping a console command to disable easy cheat on the client.

Probably not the issue, but did you check to see if your anti-virus was stoppin EAC from starting? I had the same problem on my laptop with Avira. It installed successfully, but Avira was preventing EAC from actually starting. Once I added it to the file exception list for Avira, everything started working as it should. I know doesn’t really answer the question of how to turn off the box (never seen it, so I don’t know), but a possible solution to get EAC to work which means you’d be able to stop having to use workarounds to play the game.

I use avast and i disabled and it didn’t make a difference.

Here is what the error looks like. Not a popup really. It happens in the program.


Don’t think there’s a way to get rid of that if EAC isn’t running. Its just a warning though. Secure servers will auto-kick you and that’s about it.