Easy Company move through the Recently Occupied town

  • Bastogne.

I’ve been watching too much Band of Brothers to be honest, damn you Jim_Rileeey!

The snow isn’t quite as subtle as i wanted it to be.


Someone is bound to ask. The guy is rubbing his fingers because it’s snowy and they’re cold.

Posing is good, I’m not gonna comment the edit, since I can’t edit for shit :v:
But that looks damn cold. :saddowns:

good job! no where’s winters?!

Who cares about winters, where the fuck is speirs?

Btw watched a episode of bob tonight lol :slight_smile:

it looks like he’s playing an invisible gameboy

Oh man, I’m also watching Band of Brothers right now. The best goddamn show ever. Nice picture, by the way!

The camera angle could be upped a bit, otherwise :iia:

Posing is a bit off in places but not by much. Camera angle is strange though. The snow falling looks good but it doesn’t look so good where it has fallen on their uniforms.

As for historical inaccuracies… The 101st never occupied Bastogne from the Germans. When they arrived it was already occupied by US Forces and they went straight out into the woods.


They are moving through the “Recently Occupied Town” i never stated that they were the ones that occupied it.