Easy fix to drastically improve early-game experience

As I’m sure many people are aware, the experience for a large number of casual rust players during peak hours is a cycle of spawn, collect resources, get killed before finishing building a base, respawn in a totally new location, and repeat ad infinitum. Even having built a base, chances are when you log on the next day, you’ll be back to square one - as the rust community is the kind that are malicious enough to destroy your sleeping bags, blockade your entrances and remove your building privileges as part and parcel of most raids.

Having sunk a fair few hours into this cycle, I became aware that the real problem here is the cloth requirement for a sleeping bag, as killing the animals (which, let’s face it are broken at the moment) is a real struggle without a ranged weapon (bows also need cloth), as if they don’t magically teleport away, they will run up mountains, over spike traps, through rocks and walls, and generally as fast if not faster than the player even after being wounded by an initial attack.

I think a really simple solution to this problem would be to increase the availability of hemp across all but the most barren of climates. Bearing in mind it is essentially a weed, I find it really strange when it is nowhere to be found across the vast majority of the map, but is heavily clustered in a few hard to find spots. Seeing as hemp has historically been grown in all kinds of climates, from mountains and deserts to forests and plains, i think there is every justification for doing it, as not only does it correspond to reality, but it would help to solve what has been highlighted by countless people as a real frustration with the game.

Another possible solution could be to include hemp seeds (functioning like pumpkin seeds) when you harvest a plant, and allowing the players to control their spread. Maybe if an option was included to eat these seeds as well as plant them (they’re known for their nutritional value), this could help to limit any strain on the servers that this might cause, although it would also massively reduce the number of half finished shacks started by people who died before being able to set up camp properly, which would counter-balance it’s impact anyway.

I’ve never really had a problem getting enough hemp, usually have 100+ cloth by the time I reach wherever I want to build.

Added Hemp Plants, for now they only give cloth

Hemp is very easy to find. All you need is 2 hemp plants to craft a sleeping bag.

You should be placing your sleeping bag in a bush to where people cant see it as easy.
Never start a base until you have a sleeping bag first, and make sure you have enough resources to make a base before you start. and start with a small base and expand on it over time.

Seems you are doing something wrong if you cant get a base started in 30mins to a hr. and yes you will die one or two times at the very start but you should have no problem.

the problem iv found is spending hours wandering without finding any plants… il literally fill my inventory with wood and stone but not run into a single one a lot of the time.

I agree, the snowball in this game is really awful. Once a few players reach that mid/top tier level, the lower levels get stuck in respawn hell. I believe as well that cloth being hard to gather is a problem promoting this issue, but the main problem is that base raiding is bottom line too easy. Bases are too easily reduced to nothing and players who worked hard at this to even have a chance of competing are blown out of the water as soon as they become slightly noticeable.

Bases to me are literally just a target that says “my loot is here come take it” at the moment, you’d have a better chance hiding a single chest really well in the wilderness and just using that than building a base. Literally 10 minutes after the last wipe me and a group of 7 friends began a Rust base on a server which we played from start of the day till end. Had a fully honeycombed base with multiple layers and ladder prevention, yet, over night our base was reduced to nothing by a couple guys who just worked at gaining c4 within the first 24 hours. What a waste, bases are a joke.

i do often think just a 1x1 room would be safer against raiders just because they would look at it and think nah il go raid that big tower instead