Easy Gmod Request

A long, useless, boring-ass argument

Why the hell did you make 2 god damn threads?

We really have absolutely no guarantees that you’ll just decide to give us a shitty item for our trouble… that, and …

TF2 items =/= payment for services rendered.

Try money.

haha f*ck no
besides, that wasn’t the main thing, it was just a little incentive for someone who’s nice enough to help.
and also, i made the other identical thread cuz i put it in the wrong place on accident

You’re a complete idiot. No one here gives a shit about hats, they’re worth absolutely nothing, so people will only make fun of you for even saying you’ll give it as “incentive” when not everybody on Facepunch even has TF2. A REAL modeler is paid money, as modelling is a skill not everyone has, so asking for money is NORMAL, not funny in any way.

Oh, and you can stop being 8 and say “fuck” on the Internet. (FIX’D)

first of all, how would you make the models i’m asking for if you don’t have tf2? (DURRRRRRRRR)
second, i don’t waste my money just on silly little things like props, and if you rely on making things like that for money, then you’re going nowhere in life.
third, i’m new here, so i didn’t know if everyone was a bunch of fags who would ban me for swearing or something like that
well obviously there are plenty of fags here, anyway, just a different kind of fag

Fag knows fags.

Swearing in internet is irrelevant and looks stupid. Little kids use it because it “makes them look mature”.

haha the fact that any of you even care that i did or didn’t, and the fact that you’re making such a big deal about it proves how petty and retarded you are…

I’m shaking.


You don’t NEED to OWN a game to model for it…

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I know, but it makes them look like a fucking 8 year old to say “F**K!”