Easy helicopter tutorial

I made this for people who want to make a helicopter with minimal effort. Its flight is pretty realistic and it can be used with any size or shape helicopter. The download can be found here…

Tutorial is here…

Watch the vid in HD, its really easy to follow and will make a helicopter that has realistic flight and is easy to fly. Im sure there are better ways to do this and better flying machines. This is what it is, so i hope it helps someone.

All i ask is if you make a release you give me credit for using my download. Hope you guys enjoy!

What a terrible tutorial. Wasted 4 good minutes of my life watching that nonsense.

I really don’t need a tutorial to explain to me how to weld PHX props to eachother. I read this thread to see if you had found a nifty way to make a realistic helicopter. You give nil information about how it works, all you say is “Here’s a PHX plate that I’ve wired to hover, now we’re going to add crap to make it look like a very crude helicopter”. It doesn’t even fly like a helicopter.

If you dont need a tutorial then stop watching them would be my advice to you. Then you wont be disappointed. Also if you could read you would see that i clearly stated “Im sure there are better ways to do this and better flying machines. This is what it is, so i hope it helps someone.” Any simpleton could get the download and see in 5 seconds how it works if you really want to know.

Thanks for wasting your time with your post though.

It does fly quite well, its nice to see how other people do there heli bases. :slight_smile:

Flies nicely, but you never tell us how to do it, so it isn’t really a tutorial.

Its an easy helicopter :stuck_out_tongue: I provided everything you need really. I wanted to make something that everyone can use, thats why i provided the download. Thanks for the comments!

the point being its not a tutorial if you don’t explain how it works. You just provided a download of the base, and then proceeded to weld stuff to it. That would still be ok if it was like one of XXXmag’s swashplate things. but so far as i can tell from the video, its either just applyforce, or vector thrusters. It doesn’t fly like a real helicopter at all. I see what your trying to do here, and I think its a great idea, its just executed badly.

Again its supposed to be an easy thing for anyone to do. I simply showed how to put it together. So i did show how it worked with the tools i provided. If you guys want an overly complicated tutorial on how to make a helicopter that will cause people to ask 100 questions then go ahead and make one. Like i have said already this was made to be easy enough for anyone to do.

Im really not asking for anyone criticism here, i posted this for people to use if they want to. If you dont want to use it then you dont have to. If you want to use it then go ahead.

That actually does simulate helicopter movements pretty well, but I think it’s suspicious how you haven’t given explanations to your better creations… You show in no way how this really works, just as you never have revealed to us your secret to making the batwing so shapely…
suspiiiciousssss >3>

Well except for the fact that offer a download of the exact item for anyone to use or look at. The E2 is right under the chair if you must know how it works. If actually giving you the contraption to look at in a download is suspicious then i dont know what else you could want LOL. Actually you are right im a liar, im really super rich and i paid a film studio to fake the video of a flying physics plate just to trick you guys. Then i paid karbine and setze 2.8 kerbillion dollars to make the plate for me so people could download it. it took them 6 months to make because its so complicated.

As for my batplane many people have seen it on several servers. You seriously think Sax would upload a custom model to his server for only me to use?

joking jeez don’t rape me <=P
“suspiiiciousssss >3>”
note: beginners will learn better with an actual tutorial, rather than a toy to play with, just so you know >=)

Im just messing with you, and i agree with you 100%. This was just giving them a little code to look at. I have an extremely hard time learning E2 or anything just by reading so i was just trying to help. thanks for the post!

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Nice vid, I guess, but, what everyone said.

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If you’re not asking for criticism i must kindly ask you to get out.
This section is for posting your contraptions/ideas/tutorials/whatevercontraptionrelated and getting criticizm on whatever you posted.

wawt, leave him alone, u can do that with applyforce or thrusters pretty easy.
just may a self righting hoverpad with a thruster on the bottom then add a value of the degrees u want 2 lean 2 the axis of the gyroscope u want it 2 lean at (+/-)

it ‘tricks’ the system 2 thinking it is at a different again and corrects itself

…onemanclan is the man… in a clan… and is singular

Uninteresting, because you explain nothing.

The e2 explains itself, Onemanclan post the code and have at the top the word TUTORIAL on it. Problem solved :slight_smile: