Easy hosting rust server

Hey :slight_smile:

Maybe the thread text might be a bit misleading, but now that i have you attention:
Woulnd be nice to get your own rust server but dont u have the knowledge to running one?
I know how to setup a server, but it takes some knowledge in order to have an dedicaded rust server up an running.

My question is very simple, are there no programmers on the forum who can create an installer which will make this easier to host an dedicated server?
For example:

An exe file which include steamCMD.exe that will automaticly log’s in with login anonymous and that will give us the option where to install the correct files force_install_dir “C:\RustServer” with the update files app_update 258550.
Allso create’s an Startserver.bat file but with checkboxes for commands and a line for the server name.

Example for Bat file :

C:\steamCMD\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir C:\RustServer\ +app_update 258550 -beta experimental validate +quit
RustDedicated.exe -batchmode -server.port 28015 -server.hostname “My Own Rust server” -server.seed 8675309 -server.maxplayers 200 -server.worldsize 4000 -server.identity my_server_identity -chat.serverlog 1 -server.netlog 1 server.saveinterval 300 -spawn.max_rate 1 -spawn.max_density 1 -autoupdate -god 1
time /t >> shut.log

This would be awsome if someone can make this.


Garry , if you are reading this, maybe an idea to intergrade this in rust self.
An option where u can find “Host an Local server” and “Host an Public server”