[Easy] I need CVAR's

Ok, GMOD update means sv_allow_tool is gone :frowning:

How do I limit, or block the following:

Without installing anything custom.


Seeing as how it is a DarkRP server, sbox commands don’t exist.

I’m pretty sure they do, as darkRP is based off sandbox.

Ah my friend misinformed me,
sbox_maxlights and sbox_maxlamps exist but not sbox_maxropes

Hmm, perhaps ropes don’t have a maximum. Or it may have a constraint in somewhere.

I have never seen any command to restrict the ropes number. I doubt there’s any.

I really need them restricted :confused:
Is there a simple lua I could get instead?

Type in console :

Find rope

You’ll find every console command that has rope in it.
Pretty useful when binding tools to keys ( find tool )