Easy Material Question (I hope)

I am trying to add a texture to my model, but the model won’t accept the changes I make unless I use the basic color pallet. What am I doing wrong? I am fairly new to 3ds, so simple answers would be greatly appreciated. Here is my workspace:



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Basically, I want to apply the gradient and such in the slate editor, but it will only allow me to change color with the ambient and diffuse section on the right. I’ve tried connecting the gradient to the different slots in the slate editor, but nada.

Look up a tutorial on whichever program you are using.

I’ve tried, but most videos either are really long, or end up not showing me what I need.

Self bump. Really need help here guys

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a) see the small square next to diffuse colour - click on it, then select bitmap and choose your texture.
b) alternatively just drag and drop the texture from windows on to the selected parts of the model you want it to be on.

I’ll try ‘A’ when I get the chance, but I tried ‘B’ before with no success