Easy MediaPlayer (preview)


This requires players to be on the x86-x64 branch to function correctly. This preview only supports Youtube as a media platform. Once this hits Steam Workshop, it will accept all listed platforms


Download the latest release via Github


Wait for the 1.0 Steam Workshop release

Preview Install Instructions
You will need to acquire a Youtube Data (v3) api key and then inside the settings panel set the option youtube_api_key to the value of that, hit save, your good to go.

What is this
Easy MediaPlayer is a media addon which allows a garrysmod server (or just your self!) to watch and listen to media together via a server wide playlist. It currently supports several sites, such as Dailymotion and Youtube as well as Youtube Music and also mp3s.


  • Server wide media playlist supporting Youtube, Youtube Music, Dailymotion, direct mp3s with more planned in the future!
  • Extensive admin controls to easy moderate the media submitted.
  • Voting system included for skipping and banning videos
  • Fully customisable user interface with over 100 options. (See below)
  • Extremely comprehensive client and server settings editor allowing for full customizability of all parts of the addon inside of garrysmod its self. Please check out the wiki for more information on what each setting does.
  • Preset system for all client settings with the ability for admins to set a default preset to apply to all new players who join that server, allowing Easy MediaPlayer to look and feel different between all servers. Also allows for quick switching between themes, this addon comes with several included by default.
  • Comes packed with lots of ways to find the media you want to play. From using the built in UI or through chat commands (See Below)
  • Comes packed with lots of predefined chat commands, such as !vote and !voteskip. (Your severs command prefix can be changed in the settings panel)
  • Server based historical records are kept of the videos being played, by who and when. (Does not use SQL and is purely json based)
  • Video engagements such as likes and dislikes.
  • Pointshop Integration
  • Developer hooks and open source code, built for expanding upon (and heavily encouraged)
  • Stable and migrates perfectly with newer versions, making it safe you to keep getting updates from the Steam Workshop.

More themes will be released when the addon hits the workshop!

(default theme)

(trans theme)

(darky theme)

Note: Please switch to the x86-x64 branch for this plugin to function correctly
As of 2021, the chromium web engine is not in the game by default due to some crashes and bugs that can occur. I myself have experienced several of these crashes, how ever I have found that crashes are actually more persistent on the “older html engine” than the newer one and its really no bother switching to the x86-x64 branch and sticking with it. In regards to using this plugin on a server, the only thing which will work on the older html engine are mp3 links which use very primitive javascript to function, no videos will ever be possible now flash is dead

NOTE: I have noticed several game crashing bugs with this addon on branches other than the chromium branch. These are simply impossible for me to fix as they are due to the older html engine, so please don’t submit bug reports if you aren’t on the x86-x64 branch.

Ingormation regarding MP3
The server does not

  • Download or directly access any of the mp3s submitted.
  • Actually check if an mp3 is a valid mp3 (that would require downloading it).
  • Verify with complete accuracy that an mp3 can be played.

What it will do is

  • Check that a given URL does not return 404 on the servers side.
  • Check if a user is outright banned from posting mp3s (can help with abuse).
  • Plays the mp3 inside a container so even if its bad, it just won’t play.

Its really up to you if you decide to disable this feature or not. If you do change the setting mp3_enabled to false inside the server tab of the settings panel

More Important Things To Notes

NOTE: Sever operators which use this plugin are advised to read each of comments provided for the settings to fully get an understanding of what each of them do while inside the game.

Your client settings are separated from the servers settings and will follow you through each server which uses Easy MediaPlayer, so you don’t have to worry about your styling being messed up.

NOTE: Always save your client settings as a preset! Or change the setting preset_allow_default to false overwise it will be overwritten when you join a server (for the first time) which has Easy MediaPlayer Installed. If you forget to flick the setting, you can always revert back to your saved preset. Remember to include any _centred or _inverted or _hide settings in the presets settings as they are not added implicitly when the default settings checkbox is true in the preset creator

Hooks Overview

See Github.

More Information

See Github.


See Github.

I suggest you tell the players not to use the chromium branch but the x86-64 branch, it’s the most updated branch compared to the chromium which is one version behind the others. However, the rest is good work, bravo!

is the chromium branch behind by one just incase an update fucks up the 86-64 branch im guessing?

Yep but it’s equally as stable like the public branch as many people are using it now.

Opps! My mistake. Updated that now, totally meant the x86-64 branch. Thanks for pointing it out.